The gesture of solidarity between the two cyclists Coppi and Bartali, historical antagonists, which was immortalized by the photographer, Carlo Martini during
the Lausanne-Alpe d’Huez stage on July 4, 1952. Since then, it has entered, indelibly, into the common imagination, as well as the myth of the two wheels.

One of the drinks from the Signature Cocktail Menu 2018 at the Atrium Bar of the Four Seasons in Florence was inspired by this episode.

For this cocktail, Tuorlo Design Studio designed, with a pop language the “Water Bottle” container by dyeing it with the iconic Bianchi blue.

Client Atrium Bar, Four Seasons, Firenze
Concept, design Tuorlo Design Studio

Realization and production Ceramiche Parigi
Photo Credits Irene Montini

Dicember 2018